Pool crashers popping up around the Valley

Posted at 10:25 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-16 07:59:11-04

You've heard of "wedding crashers." But here in the Valley, it's a different kind of crasher that's making a splash!

"From time to time, we do get calls from residents in apartment complexes or condos that there are people that they don't recognize in their pools," explains Sgt. Alan Pfohl with the Phoenix Police Department. 

We're calling them "pool crashers" and it seems like people all over the Valley have a story!

Residents in one central Phoenix condo complex snapped photos of one woman who they say was an uninvited guest at their pool. They snapped photos of her, asked her what she was doing, and instead of an explanation they got a lot of attitude and even some curse words. 

"If it becomes an issue of trespassing that the apartment complex wants to enforce, they will in turn call us and we will address the issue."

But before Phoenix police can arrest someone for trespassing at a condo or apartment complex, a few things need to happen.

First, is the pool crasher refusing to leave? If that's the case, that could lead to an arrest. Or, if you've already warned this person once, you've documented it, and the pool crasher still comes back, then he or she could be in hot water with police.

In most cases, Phoenix police say it's best to start with your complex management or your HOA.

But police also add if you spot someone doing something destructive or dangerous at your pool, it's okay to call police right away.

If you are convicted of trespassing, you could face fines in the thousands of dollars and possibly jail time, so it may not be a bad idea to just find a friend with a pool instead of sneaking around.