Police searching for man who stole a woman's purse after meeting on Tinder

Posted at 10:18 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 13:54:21-04

"It's rough. Dating is rough these days," the woman said.


And because of that notion, she thought she was doing all the right things when deciding to meet her Tinder date in person. 

"I feel like I took the appropriate cautions with this," the woman explained. "Meeting him in public at a busy venue during the day." 

She said, the pair had been talking over the phone for a few weeks and the conversation flowed great during their date at the Phoenician pool on Sunday afternoon. 

"He put me at ease," she said. "He seemed genuine and I trusted him; at least enough to leave my stuff with him while I went to the restroom."

She said she had gone to the restroom a few times. But, one of those trips cost her everything she had, except for the bathing suit she was wearing. 

"I felt sick that this had happened - that I had allowed it to happen," the woman said.

She immediately called his number, but it had already been disconnected. His Tinder profile had also been deleted. 

Later that night, she found out he had already spent $800 at Casino Arizona.

"I still am hopeful," the woman said. "I still believe that there is love out there and I will someday find it."

She does have a screenshot of the profile, but Phoenix police were unable to confirm if this was indeed the man they were looking into for this crime. When we receive a description or confirmation on a photo from police, we will release it immediately.

Overall, this woman hopes all women will find that balance between open and being cautious when it comes to dating.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Phoenix Police Department.

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