Police officer hoping to adopt dog who fell into Phoenix canal

Posted at 1:59 PM, Aug 16, 2016

A dog is lucky to be alive after falling into a Phoenix canal. The Arizona Humane Society says the Australian shepherd mix was attempting to lean into the canal to drink water but accidentally fell in and was swept away by the undercurrent.

A Phoenix officer attempted to rescue the pup, but feared falling in himself. An emergency animal medical technician with the Humane Society was called to the area to help the dog who was struggling to stay above the water.

After multiple rescue attempts, the Emergency Animal Medical Technicians were able to pull the dog to safety using a catch pole.

The pup had pale gums, suffered from malnourishment and was very weak, a Humane Society spokesperson said. She also suffered injuries to her paws and toe nails from attempting to climb up the canal’s steep ledges.

Now, two days later, the dog is expected to make a full recovery.

Police are still attempting to locate the pup’s owner. The dog didn’t have a microchip or collar. Anyone who thinks that the Australian shepherd could be their missing dog is asked to call 602-997-7585.

If no owner comes forward, the police officer who found the dog is hoping to adopt her.