Phoenix family says their daughter's emotional support dog was stolen out of their back yard

Posted at 7:38 PM, Jun 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-28 22:38:41-04

A Phoenix family said their dog was lured out of the doggie door Monday night and stolen by somebody who broke into their back yard.

"And now she's gone," said Barbara Flores, the dog's owner. "I just don't understand why someone would come and steal a family member."

Flores said her kids' father came home Monday night and didn't see their 10-year-old English bulldog, Queen Esther in the house. In the back yard, he found the lock on the gate leading out to the alley had been cut.

"He called and the kids were screaming and crying. I thought one of them cut off a finger or something because they were hysterical," said Flores, describing the call from her ex-husband.

She said it was impossible, explaining why someone would steal the dog to her young children.

"I know she's an expensive dog. She's an English bulldog. But she's too old to breed, too old to have puppies."

Flores' 11-year-old daughter, Juliette, is taking it the hardest.

"A lot of panic attacks," said Juliette, describing her emotions since Queen Esther disappeared.

The dog is Juliette's emotional support dog. She suffers frequent panic attacks and the dog sleeps in her room to help her cope.

"Whenever I get sad she senses it and comes to me and she calms me down," said Juliette.

Flores said she just wants whoever took the dog to understand they simply need her returned.

 "No questions asked... Please bring her back," said Flores.

Phoenix police said they have not seen any other reports of dog theft in the neighborhood near 19th Avenue and Indian School.