Phoenix day care asks for help to keep from closing

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jul 18, 2016

It’s been in the community for decades-- a low-cost day care center that serves hundreds of families. Now, the Wee Care Child Center day care needs the community's help to stay open or they could close their doors in two weeks. 

“Over the years, it’s always been about the children. It’s never been about making big money. It’s never been about anything like that," Director Betty Calderon said.

Calderon said the day care, which is located on the corner of Fillmore and 12th streets in Phoenix, has always focused on the children coming through the doors.

“In the 12 years we’ve been bringing both of our children, the rates have not changed of $18.50 a day," said Domingo Galindo, a parent.

Calderon first came to the day care center as a parent. Now, she runs the place.

“I never dreamed that I would be here 38 years later," Calderon said. 

The day care center has been through a lot of financial hardships over the years but has always been able to recover. This time, they're in need of about $50,000 just to keep the place open. 

Calderon said she hasn’t cashed some of her own checks.

“I usually carry two, three, up to four checks that I don’t cash," Calderon said. 

At the day care, Calderon likes to keep it old school with toys, board games for the kids-- no computers. She hopes she can keep it that way for years to come.

“[I've] seen a lot of children, and I still have parents that need the help. It would be a loss," Calderon said through tears. 

Galindo set up a GoFundMe donation page to help keep the daycare open. If you’d like to help,visit the site.