Piggy bank smashing burglar hits Phoenix home

Posted at 9:33 PM, Sep 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-02 17:36:56-04

A Valley mom's home was ransacked and the crook was caught on surveillance video, loading her things into his car, but what makes the crime even worse is that the crook smashed open a child's piggy bank and stole a few dollars a 3-year-old had saved up.

"You lose that security of being home," said mom of three Jessica Villezcas.

The thief was seen pulling into the woman's driveway and casually looking around before sneaking in through the backdoor of the family's home.

Villezcas says when she watched the video, it felt like she was watching someone else's home get burglarized.

"When you come into your house and you see that your belongings are missing, and that's when you realize that is me, they did take from me," said Villezcas.

The crook took her TV, Playstation and jewelry box full of irreplaceable pieces.

"My son's baptism necklace and my wedding band," said Villezcas.

Then the man targeted her kids.

"My 10-year-old had left her tablet charging on the bed and it was gone," said Villezcas. "And my 3-year-old son's piggy bank that was smashed."

The busted piggy bank was a gift Jessica's father gave as a birthday present to her son.

"I mean why would you take from a child?" said Villezcas. "Why not just take the TV? Why the piggy bank?"

And now she's hoping someone can help track down the man who took from her and her kids before he has the chance to take from anyone else.

"There's karma," said Villezcas. "Sooner or later, he'll  pay for it."

Phoenix police have a copy of the surveillance video and took finger prints from the home. If anyone recognizes the man in the video they are encouraged to call Phoenix police.