Phoenix and Maricopa County kicking off campaigns to stay cool in summer heat

Posted at 5:03 AM, Jun 03, 2017

This weekend, we are seeing the heat soar. On Saturday, temperatures are expected to be more than 15 degrees above average.

With that in mind, the city of Phoenix ( and Maricopa County are taking action to try and prevent heat-related deaths.

Phoenix has kicked off their 'We're Cool' campaign. With that, there are dozens of hydration stations; those are places you can get water and have a cool place to rest ( 

Your water donations are crucial in making sure those spots are able to operate. The city said they are trying to stock up all their locations with supplies for five months. 

The Maricopa Association of Governments also has their Heat Relief Network. The city of Phoenix is a partner of that. So, click here ( to view all the locations across the state for water, protection from the sun, as well as spots where you can donate water or funds.

The Heat Relief Network is also looking for volunteers to help at these cooling stations, provide wellness checks and collect supplies (