PD: Human remains found in home near 16th Street/Indian School Road

Posted at 2:15 PM, Aug 04, 2017

At least one person has been arrested after human remains were found within a Phoenix home.

Phoenix police were called to a house near 16th Street and Indian School Road on Wednesday night for a check welfare call. 

According to police, when officers entered the house they found human remains. 

Police have not identified the victim or the suspect. 

Four neighbors told ABC15 that investigators told them the body was discovered under the floorboards of the home.

"I knew there was something strange going on," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified. "But I didn't think that was going on I figured it was just a drug house."

The neighbor asked ABC15 to conceal his identity, fearing he could be targeted by people who were in and out of the house. 

He told ABC15 the owner of the home let his daughter stay there, and noticed something was wrong with the floor.

"The owner told me he saw a dip in the floor and he went in there to pull the floor up," said the neighbor. "He though a floor joist broke and he wanted to see what it would take to repair it and they found something wrapped in plastic."

The neighbor told ABC15 the homeowner's daughter is Metika Najar. She is on MCSO's website, due in court next week for "abandoning/concealing dead body parts."

And even stranger, the body was found doors away from where Alan Champagne is accused of burying two bodies in his mom's backyard.

The bodies were found four years ago and he is still awaiting trial.

"After Champagne, it's kind of like, I'm not sticker shocked anymore," said the neighbor. "But twice on the same side of the street, five houses away, it's a little spooky."

ABC15 reached out to Phoenix police multiple times for confirmation of the details neighbors shared, but officials have not responded yet. 

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