Old mall spaces being converted in vintage designer shops

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jul 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-12 02:04:25-04

Vintage and craft stores are starting to pop up all over the Valley as they look to take over and revitalize old malls.

At Power Square Mall, nearly a dozen stores are now open touting everything from custom furniture and metal work to handmade crafts and products.

For the Langseths', putting their talents to work has saved their livelihood.

"I lost my job and my wife showed me a picture and said, "Can you make this?' and I said, 'Sure I'll try it,'" said Jeff Langseth.

The picture was of an open console, after Jeff made that, Jeff says his wife's friend wanted one too.

"It just kind of blew up from there," he said. "A year later we got all this custom furniture we do, we're out with customers, we do a lot of shows." 

Dawn and Jeff's customers wanted a place they could go to see the products outside of shows, so the couple decided to join the trend of crafters and vintage shop owners taking over malls. Thus the birth of Moon Dust Farms at Power Square Mall.

"The mall was empty, there was nobody here, except for the big box store, six months later we come back and almost every place is rented except for two," said Langseth.

"I have a love for vintage, so as a collector it just sort of happened," said Christin Sougstad who owns Buckhorn Vintage.

Sougstad's shop specializes in mid century items that includes everything from furniture and decor to clothing.

"We see how it’s changed, it’s just bringing new energy." said Patti, a shopper whose husband crafts fishing lures.

Patti is now thinking of having him start his own business. 

"It's more unique and there's fresher ideas and more quality," said Cathie Britt, a shopper at Moon Dust Farms.

Britt and her husband recently downsized. They're looking to have Langseth create them custom shelves for their new smaller space.

"It's crazy when I think about it, I made that from nothing and now it's in someone's house, it's awesome," said Langseth of his new business born from his own talents.