Nearly 300 people start going door-to-door to encourage Valley voters to cast a ballot

Posted at 4:45 PM, Oct 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-09 20:47:51-04
A push is underway in the Valley to make sure all registered voters actually cast a ballot in this election — and to do it, they are going back to basics: knocking on doors and trying to have meaningful conversations about the issues at hand. 
The preparation started days before, when nearly 300 young people spent their weekend learning just how to approach their community in a way that would get their messages across. 

"I want to be out there because growing up I didn't have that voice," Juan Aguilar said. "And I want to be that voice."

Everyone has a story, and for Aguilar, he is hoping to use his to connect with voters. 

"We've been learning, you know, like about how to tell our story of self," Aguilar explained. "Trying to get that sympathy; trying to have that connection with people you don't know."

Aguilar is among dozens and dozens of people, organized by the Arizona Healthy Working Families Initiative, among other campaigns. They helped make sure everyone involved felt comfortable pounding the pavement. 

"If people don't like what their doing, they will not do a good job at it," said Antonio Olmedo with Living United for Change in Arizona.

"So, that why we also find those people that do have the courage — who want to propel — who understand the issues and are really passionate about it," Olmedo said. "Once the passion is established, there's no problem at the doors."

The handful of campaigns came together to push to raise minimum wage with Prop 206, as well as to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of office. 

"But, also making sure that we set this tone in culture of better families, better education, better health... all these other things that we know and want for ourselves,"  Audisey Alvarado said. "We understand that we have to sit here and fight - we have to be together and fight."

Overall, people involved want to spark the conversation that gets voters beyond their front doors and to the polls to vote.

"I'm going to look back and say, 'I did that. I was able to be apart of that and I was able to be apart of a team,' Aguilar said. "I'm glad to be here."

All of those involved plan to go door-to-door nearly every day until Election Day.