Man struck by lightning could go home soon after his 'miraculous' progress, family and doctors say

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jul 08, 2016
You have heard the statistic before: you are more likely to be struck by lightning than win the lottery.
But, one man from Buckeye is probably wishing his luck swung a different way after he took a direct hit from a bolt a few months ago. 
ABC15 spoke with Jaime Santana's family on Friday and they say, his luck is turning around as he is surprising everyone yet again. This time, it is by his 'miraculous' recovery. 
However, the outlook was bleak for the 31-year-old, who was hit by a bolt of lightning on April 30 while riding a horse. 
"It's just a matter of waiting and a matter of praying that he does wake up and he wakes up out of this just as he did before," said sister Sara Torres back on May 2.
The fear was obvious in Torres' shaking voice as a freak accident like that is usually a death sentence with a single strike. 
"There are millions of volts in a bolt of lightning and usually that's a fatal injury," said Dr. Kevin Foster. "But, not always."
Dr. Foster is the Director of the Arizona Burn Center and said Santana is doing well with recovery, especially so soon after the incident. 
Before, doctors were not sure Santana would even survive. But, on Friday, Dr. Foster said he should be able to go home soon. 
"I think it's very important that, you know, when you have a loved one going through this...  just be there for them," explained Torres. 
Torres spoke again Friday, but this time - with no tears. Instead, she had appreciation standing next to her brother, Alex Santana. 
The two of them have noticed progress in Santana's physical abilities, but also his personality.
"He's just more caring... more loving, smiles more," Alex Santana said. "Just more affectionate it seems like. We really didn't have that before." 
His family said it may be because Jaime Santana now understand that this is his second shot at life - one he is not leaving up to luck.