Local woman patents idea to stop "porch pirate" thieves

Posted at 6:40 PM, May 22, 2017

They have been deemed 'porch pirates.' Those are the people who are caught countless times on surveillance video walking away with your stuff.

They come from all walks of life, but walk the plank to your porch to make a swash-buckling swipe.

"People think that because they have a camera on their porch, that they are safe," said Scottsdale resident Rebecca Romanucci. "But, all they end up with is a nice picture of a porch pirate stealing their stuff!"

Romanucci said she has a patent and a plan that she has shared only with ABC15 to make it all stop.
She came up with the Smart Grocery & Parcel Safe.

"I created this bench, if you will - but, there's many different designs," Romanucci explained.

The bench will lock in your stuff until you use your phone to unlock it, for yourself or even for a delivery service.

"It would be safe and secure. It would be protected by the elements," Romanucci said. "And that happens, people will feel comfortable with ordering groceries."

Local spots like Safeway and Frys have already started giving people the option to shop from their home and have their groceries delivered to them.

But, Rebecca believes no one is taking advantage of that service like they should.

"It has a refrigerator part of it - so, it's a heating and cooling," she explained.

Romanucci has a provisional patent and the paperwork is already filed for the real deal.

But, she is hoping those big box stores, like Amazon will reach out to her to help license the idea and get it rolled out as soon as possible.

"I think we all need this before Christmas," Romanucci laughed.