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Joggers thinking about safety after Mollie Tibbetts death

Posted at 6:23 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 21:40:08-04

The man arrested for killing an Iowa college student while she was out for a jog made his first appearance in court on Wednesday. 

Christhian Rivera is accused of killing 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts. The case is now serving as a reminder of how easily her abduction could happen to others. 

Self Defense Instructor Donny Goodman said if you have a feeling that someone is a potential threat, tell them right away that you're not comfortable. 

"You need to start mentally preparing yourself like that's a problem," Goodman said. 

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He said if someone tries to grab you, push an open palm to their nose or push your thumbs in their eyes. 

"If you start hitting his chest or shoulders, that's not going to do anything to them," Goodman said. 

If they catch you off guard, Goodman said step to the side, make a fist and strike their groin. Then try to turn back around and strike those main points on the face. 

He said you can also use your key or the corner of your cell phone to strike them. However, he says trying to call 911 in the heat of the moment might just be a distraction. 

"The whole time you're concerned about your phone when you need to be worried about what's right in front of you," Goodman said. 

Let someone know the route you'll be running and tell a family member or friend that you'll check in with them frequently. There are also several apps that track your location and notify loved ones when you don't make it to your destination.