Don't get blindsided by the heat

Posted at 7:18 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 22:18:50-04

Teeing off in 100 degrees is no big deal to Ron Lansing.

"I'm a pro at playing in the heat," he laughed. "Warm it up. The hotter the better."

Lansing and his golfing buddy, Lou, played at Lookout Mountain golf course on Thursday. They said they like the hot weather, but not the extreme hot that is expected going into the weekend.  

"Once it gets over 110 (degrees), it's a little toasty," Lou said.

Dr. Bill Mostow, the Director of the Emergency Department at Banner Del E. Webb said jumping into summer temperatures early in the year could catch a lot of Valley residents off guard.

"People aren't planning their activities as well as they would if it had been hot for a long time," Dr. Mostow said.

Whether it's the occasional golfer or the seasoned outdoor worker, heat-related illnesses do not discriminate and they can come on fast.

"So, if you're out in the desert or climbing a roof you can feel really good, then all of a sudden you're in real trouble," Dr. Mostow said.

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Signs of heat exhaustion are muscle cramping, cool moist skin, a fast but weak pulse rate and fast and shallow breathing.

Dr. Moscow said take your cues from desert creatures. Only come out in the morning and night to avoid any trouble.