Financial Fitness: Preparing to combine finances before marriage (and after)

Posted at 6:03 AM, Jun 06, 2017

Aahhh, wedding season. If you're going to the chapel and you’re going to get married, I know you have a checklist of your friends and family, the food, the flowers, the cake and the honeymoon -- but hold on. There's a conversation you have to have before you get to any of that stuff.

You don’t want the “D” word to enter the conversation even before you walk down the aisle so Suli Richardson with Desert Schools told me it’s better to get all of the financial information out there in the open ASAP. But there is room for compromise.

“You have different values...couples divorce more on money issues than infidelity," Richardson said. “Life is boring when all you do is save, save, save.”

So saving is important, but don’t forget to save for the fun stuff.

Pull up your credit reports and exchange those before you exchange vows.

And think twice before you combine any finances before you get married.

Richardson says that’s a bad idea.

“If you're in love with this person and you really want to get married, sometimes you have to give a little bit …it's all about balance.”