Fallen Phoenix officers honored in ceremony outside City Hall

Posted at 10:23 PM, Apr 27, 2017

Thursday night, Phoenix City Hall was transformed into a space to honor 38 fallen members of the Phoenix Police Department.

One by one, the names of heroes were read. Thirty-eight men paying the ultimate sacrifice, giving their lives protecting people they didn't even know.

It's a constant threat that's sadly unavoidable.

"We ask more of our police officers than ever before," explained Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. "They are willing and without hesitation to risk their own safety to protect those around them."

Outside City Hall, the sound of bagpipes filled a warm spring night.

There was also a special honor for Officer David Glasser, who lost his life in May 2016. A wreath of flowers was displayed in his honor.

A number of families of the fallen took part. Some of them wiping tears from their eyes — their loss never gets any easier.

"As I stood and looked at the faces of the family members, there is hurt and there is loss and there is pain," explained Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams. "But there is honor in knowing their loved ones died paying the ultimate sacrifice."