Experts turning to social media to track how Arizonans feel about President Trump

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jan 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-26 20:59:29-05

With just a thought, a type and a tweet, your opinions can be showcased instantly for the world to be applaud, judge and debate.

"They really feel for the issues that they want to speak up," Taylor Hudgins, with SocialTech Consulting, said. "They use social media as a tool to communicate that."

Which is exactly what Hudgins company is doing — getting a feel for how our state is feeling with President Trump. SocialTech Consulting in Gilbert is doing that through posts, hashtags and different conversations. 

"Then, we can rate with sentiment analysis," Hudgins explained. "If the conversations are more positive, more negative or neutral." 

So, ABC15 asked Hudgins and his team to track tweets in the valley over a 24-hour time period following President Trump's announcements on immigration. 

"And that gives us a good feel of... what the conversations about; what the buzz is," Hudgins said.

The results showed a strong divide among neighbors here at home. 

"It was very split," Hudgins said. "33 percent positive, 35 percent negative and 33 percent were neutral. So, it was kinda just across the board; it was very polarized."

But, despite the divisive results, the conversation is an important one for the community to keep having. It is also one Hudgins will keep tracking. 

"For me to be able to take a look at the conversation overall...and learning the different sides and what people believe and what they want is really fascinating." Hudgins said.