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Car insurance rates up nearly 30 percent in Arizona

Posted at 4:30 AM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 11:29:25-05

Car insurance rates have gone up in Arizona nearly 30 percent in just the last four years and the blame is on accelerating technology that is meant to keep you safe from accidents. 

From automatic braking to back-up cameras; even heated seats could force your insurance premiums to rise.  

That is because replacing all that new technology after an accident is much more costly than the basic functions many drivers used to have. 

Janet Ruiz is a representative with the Western Insurance Information Institute. 

She said, despite the heightened rates right now, there will be a reversal in just a matter of time as people upgrade to newer vehicles. 

"Then, we will see a drop in accidents and that could definitely impact premiums in a positive way," Ruiz explained. 

Before rushing to the dealership to upgrade, Ruiz said prospective buyers should shop the car insurance lot first. 

"Each company has it's own discounts," Ruiz suggested. "So, you know - look for a company that will reward you or discount for the safety features that you're buying." 

Experts also say to stay away from a basic Google search. Contact an independent insurance agency who already has relationships with big car insurers. From there, they can find you the lowest rate.