Brother of man with O.J. Simpson at time of arrest claims robbery twist

Posted at 10:33 PM, May 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-24 01:33:38-04

In 2008, OJ Simpson was convicted of robbery and kidnapping stemming from an incident at a Las Vegas hotel in which the former NFL star tried to get back some of his sports memorabilia. In July, Simpson could be released from a Nevada prison on parole. 

Now, for the very first time, the brother of one of the men inside the hotel room that night in September 2007 is breaking his silence.

Michael Beardsley's older brother, Al, was inside the hotel room that night. Michael claims his big brother was even friends with Simpson, who was acquitted of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman back in 1995.

When asked if he thought Simpson was a killer, Michael Beardsley replied, "Yes. Absolutely. And so did my brother."

"They had a strange friendship."

Which Michael claims led to an even stranger plot that was all to line Simpson's pockets.

"The whole ordeal was a plan that they had made up and it backfired."

Michael claims before his brother's death in 2015, he confessed that the robbery was staged. Al and Simpson's other associates agreed to participate, according to Michael, as a means to give Simpson more publicity at a time when he really needed it.

"The whole ordeal at the Palace Station was supposed to put more focus back on him, more focus on the book so he could sell more copies of the book and it didn't turn out that way."

Michael acknowledges his older brother did not have a squeaky clean past and even had his own run-ins with the law, but he believes what his brother says about the case.

Now, he'd like to see Simpson spend the rest of his life locked up.

"He needs to be in there for the rest of his life and I really hope that he is."