Bill changing city gunfire restrictions passes House

Posted at 4:26 AM, Feb 10, 2017
The Arizona House has approved changes to a landmark 2000 law that makes random or celebratory gunfire a felony after the sponsor removed the most contentious part.
Republican Rep. Tony Rivero's House Bill 2287 passed Thursday evening on a 32-26 vote and now heads to the Senate. Three Republicans joined all Democrats in opposition.
The changes to "Shannon's Law" raise the legal standard required to prosecute someone for shooting inside city limits. Rivero said he was trying to ensure people weren't prosecuted for accidental shootings.
Rivero removed a proposal cutting the current ban on shooting within 1 mile of an occupied structure to 1/4 mile.
The law is named for 14-year-old Shannon Smith. She was killed in 1999 by a stray bullet while in the backyard of her Phoenix home.