As temperatures heat up, animal's paws at risk of burns

Posted at 11:39 AM, May 23, 2017

As the dog days of summer approach, Valley animal advocates are reminding residents of the dangers the heat has on the paws of animals. 

The Arizona Humane Society has treated their first furry patient of the year due to the blistering summer heat. 

On May 5, Bruce, a Border collie, was located running by Loop 202. The temperature that day was 108 degrees; the temperature on the pavement was 52 degrees warmer. 

Emergency technicians picked Bruce up, who had all four paws blistering and burned from running along the hot pavement. 

But thanks to medical staff, Bruce received medical treatment and can now walk on all fours again! 

However, Bruce's tale is a reminder that the summer brings great dangers to animals. Pet owners are encouraged to avoid long walks during the day, including hikes, with their four-legged friends; protective booties are encouraged for all pets that have to step outside for any reason. 

Pet advocates say if humans can feel the intense heat on a bare foot placed on the ground for seven seconds, then it's too hot for bare paws. 

Now that he's fully recovered, Bruce is looking for a forever home. Are you ready to share some love? Adoption information can be found here.