beatrix.jpg Beatrix is a 4-year-old kitty with a lot of love to give. She is very outgoing and will happily greet you with her adorable chirping noises when you come home. When she's not soaking up attention and chin scratches from her human friends, Beatrix likes to lounge around on high on cat trees and take a nap. Beatrix is enjoying the finer things in life these days after getting a rough start as a young kitty. This sweet girl was found at a local elementary school with what appeared to be a badly injured from leg. She was brought to the Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital where our veterinarians discovered she had suffered a previous fracture to her leg. Luckily, she was still able to use the leg without any pain. The veterinary staff also found an eosinophilic granuloma (also known as a "rodent ulcer") on her upper lip which they were able to treat. However, this condition may require treatment in the future if it reoccurs. In exchange for this extra bit of care, Beatrix promises to give you lots of love and will happily curl up in your lap and kneed her paws back and forth. If you are interested in adopting Beatrix or any other AHS pet, visit [] to learn more and make an appointment to meet her today!Photo by: AHS chico.jpg Chico: by: AHS gary.jpg Gary: by: AHS honey.jpg Honey: by: AHS linda lolli.jpg Linda Lolli: by: AHS sprite.jpg Sprite: by: AHS sparky.jpg Sparky: by: AHS potsie.jpg Potsie - by: MCACC forrest.jpg Forrest - by: MCACC andromeda.jpg Andromeda - by: MCACC maude.jpg Maude - by: MCACC bo jack.jpg Bo Jack - by: MCACC addie.jpg Addie - by: MCACC roy.jpg Roy- by: MCACC walrus.jpg Walrus - by: MCACC julip.jpg Julip - A4602399 - SPAYED FEMALE BLACK/WHITE AM PIT BULL TER/MIX - about 5 years old. WEST KENNEL, WING L - 354. Call 602-506-7387 for more information.Photo by: MCACC harry.jpg Harry - by: MCACC jester.jpg Jester - by: MCACC montgomery.jpg Montgomery - by: MCACC shiloh.jpg Shiloh - by: MCACC