Apollo Animal Profile.jpg
Apollo is a tall guy who's just as lovable as he is handsome! He likes to check in with you while you work together on training, and already knows how to sit and takes treats surprisingly gently for his large size.Photo by: MCACC
Ozark: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A689052Photo by: AHS
Cash: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR
Bosco Animal Profile (1).jpg
Lenny is a playful young pup who's an absolute joy to spend time with! He has a very handsome 24/7 tuxedo, and doesn't mind posing for photos in exchange for a few yummy treats. He has previously been house trained, already knows how to sit on cue, and takes treats very gently for his large size.Photo by: MCACC
mrs potts.jpg
Mrs. Potts: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A688576Photo by: AHS
bill and ted.png
Bill and Ted: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR
Joleen Animal Profile.jpg
Joleen is an adorable deaf youngster who's friendly with everyone she meets. She has already had a good training foundation in place and is great about watching you for signs and cues about what to do. Deaf dogs are able to learn anything a hearing dog can, and are just as loving and capable as any other pet - Joleen has already learned how to sit on cue for her treats!Photo by: MCACC
Dyna: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A669221Photo by: AHS
Mocha: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR
Bosco Animal Profile.jpg
Bosco is a well-behaved gentleman who has a bit of a silly side when you get to know him. He's a hidden gem who's already had some training, has already been house trained, and absolutely adores people of all ages. He sits patiently for his treats and has a moderate energy level, and would 100% sit beside you getting loved on if he could!Photo by: MCACC
Rhea: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A558839Photo by: AHS
Dwight: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR
Pepper Animal Profile.jpg
Pepper is a sweet senior lady with a lot of pep left in her step! She's had previous training and already knows how to sit and shake hands on cue. Gentle, curious, and wiggly, Pepper's favorite things are snacks, long naps, and spending time with you.Photo by: MCACC
milo dean.png
Milo Dean: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR
Wolf: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A686632Photo by: AHS
Worldwide is the definition of a snuggle bug! This handsome 3-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier loves to curl up with his favorite humans. Despite being 43 pounds, Worldwide thinks he's a lapdog and will crawl right into your lap. For that reason, he needs to go to a home with children 8 years or older. He has made a very long journey to find his forever home. He originally came to the Arizona Humane Society all the way from Louisiana after Hurricane Ida devastated shelters there. Sadly, when he arrived, AHS' veterinarians diagnosed him with Heartworm disease, which is a potentially deadly disease that has become prevalent in Southern states due to the prevalence of mosquitoes there. Worldwide was placed in a loving foster home where he could rest and recover. After months of treatment, this survivor is feeling much better. Now, he's working to sniff out a new home with a loving family. Worldwide would thrive in a home with a backyard where he can stretch his legs. He has lived with other dogs before. He is best buddies with his foster sister. However, AHS always recommends a slow introduction to any other pets to make sure it's a perfect match.Photo by: AHS
Molly Animal Profile.jpg
Molly is a cuddly girl who's decided that she's the perfect size to be a lap dog. Calm, gentle, and friendly, Molly is always happy to meet new people - when can she meet you??Photo by: MCACC
Rookie: https://www.azhumane.org/adopt/#A525951Photo by: AHS
Jakoda: https://azsmalldog.org/meet-our-dogs/Photo by: AZSDR