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Thousands of families without power in extreme heat following wind storm

Posted at 8:29 PM, Sep 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-07 01:57:46-04

Thousands were left without power in Bullhead City after a wind-storm took out more than 50 power poles in the area Sunday night.

Fort Mohave is among the areas hit the hardest, with hundreds of households who still remain without power.

Which is why crews continue scrambling to restore power in these areas.

As our ABC15 crew walked around, they could see massive power poles toppled over the streets, and even some that barreled through people's yards during the storm.

Stephen Durrett is among those who still don’t have power. He says the generator he has in his RV is a lifesaver.

“It’s definitely a first for me,” he added.

A first because he never thought he’d be left without power, living in his RV that’s currently parked outside of his home in Fort Mohave.

“It was wild. It’s probably the worst I’ve seen ever,” Durrett told ABC15.

Durrett is one of at least 8,000 UniSourcecustomers left without electricity, after hurricane force winds tore through the area.

“It was so vicious that we couldn’t even see our neighbor across the street…with the sand and then it rained,” he said.

100 poles were blown down or damaged in UniSource servicing areas.

The company tells ABC15 there are currently just over 800 people without power.

The majority of them are in Fort Mohave, and less than a dozen households are in Lake Havasu City.

“So when the electrical goes, everything goes,” he said.

Unisource says customers will likely not have power until Saturday when permanent repairs are made. Though there is a possibility power will be restored earlier, if and when generators are brought in.

Greg Perrin says while he has power, he is still in shock that the wind-storm snapped a power pole that once stood behind his backyard.

“It’s not a good feeling,” said Perrin.

Though he says he feels lucky his power was only off for 17 hours, adding it could have been much worse.

“You know, I’m lucky. I don’t have anybody to take care of, but I feel bad for people with kids and the elderly who don't have any means of power or way to get out,” Perrin told ABC15.

Perrin is powered by Mohave Electric Cooperative or MEC.

The company says the wind microbursts, checking in at over 80 mph, left more than 36,000 residents without power for more than 20 hours.

“Hopefully they put up steel poles next time,” said Perrin.

The City of Bullhead City is relocating its cooling center from Sunrise Elementary School, 2645 Landon Dr, to the Bullhead City Recreation Division office, 2285 Trane Rd.

Animals are allowed at the cooling center and need to be crated, crates are provided at the cooling center. The City will continue to provide air conditioning, space, snacks, and electricity charging service for guests seeking to shelter from the heat until power service has been restored.