Payson community holds candlelight vigil for the 10 victims who died in flash flood

Posted at 10:21 PM, Jul 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 00:18:34-04

It has been seven days since a family of 14 was swept away by flash flooding while playing in a popular Payson swimming hole.

Ten members of the family were killed; ranging in age from just 2 years old to 57 years old.

To honor the lost lives, the people of Payson organized a candlelight vigil for the victims at Green Valley Park. A concert was originally slated to be there, but they decided to light candles and read the victims' names and ages before playing their original set.

"I can't imagine an entire family... losing...losing 10 family members," said Kathryn Crabdree. "I just can't even... I can't even fathom it."

Crabdree live in Payson and she usually frequents concerts in the park. But, this was one she knew she could not miss.

She brought her sister, Kacie Taylor, along — visiting from San Francisco. Both of them do not know the family at all, but that didn't stop the tears from rolling down both of their faces.

"It was beautiful," Taylor said. "What just happened tonight was beautiful, really powerful."

Crabdree said that she also grew up in the very swimming hole that took those 10 lives. She believes anyone could have become a victim. She hopes her presence Saturday will show her support to the family.

"If it was my family, just knowing that a community did this, you know, even though we didn't know any of them. It just helps a little bit...I hope," Crabdree explained.

A viewing for the victims will be Monday while the funerals will take place on Tuesday in Scottsdale.