Yavapai County grandmother helps daughter deliver baby in back seat of car

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 00:28:55-05

Grandmother to the rescue!

A Yavapai County woman had to step up to an unfamiliar role very quickly when her grandchild decided to come into the world one week early. 

Char Allison, her daughter Deanna Bartram and the baby's great-great grandmother, Angela James, were rushing to the hospital on Christmas Eve. There was snow all around them, and it was raining. 50 miles away from the closest hospital in Prescott Valley, Baby Allison Sienna decided it was time to arrive into the world.

Allison was in the front seat when she heard her daughter yelling.

"I look in the back seat, and [the baby's] head is already halfway out," said Allison.

She jumped into the back seat while the child's great-great grandmother, who was driving, called 911.

In the audio you can frantically hear Allison yelling, "Push, push, push. Oh we got a baby, my God it's a baby, we have a baby, we have a baby."

With no formal medical training or experience, Allison credits maternal instinct for helping her stay in control, although she was in a state of panic.

She also worried about her own daughter, who was trembling after the birth.

Allison said the baby appeared a little blue, and she wrapped her in a towel.

On the 911 call, you can hear a dispatcher asking if the baby is out. Allison said dispatchers were trying to direct them to the fire station, but there was no time.

Baby Allison is 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and 19 inches long.  Her family calls her a Christmas miracle and the best gift they could possibly get.

"My cheeks are hurting from smiling," said James.

"I don't think I've stopped smiling. She and I keep fighting over who gets to play with it," added Allison.

The baby and mother were taken to the birthing center for examination. Doctors said it had been tough to warm the baby's temperature, and her oxygen saturation levels appeared low, but she was in good health in no time.

Bertram stayed at the hospital overnight. Baby, mom, and grandma are all doing well now, although still a little shaken up from the experience.

"It was both terrifying and awesome at once," said Allison.