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City of Flagstaff working to keep streets safe after winter storm

Flagstaff snow
Posted at 5:05 PM, Jan 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-25 00:25:23-05

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — A storm swept through the high-country Saturday night, leaving at least eight inches of snow in Flagstaff.

Because of the winter weather, places like Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course and Arizona Snowbowl were sold out.

"Chains or 4-wheel drive are required at Snowbowl after significant snowfall," Li Cui, with Arizona Snowbowl, said. "So, they're required today, and we would expect chains or 4-wheel drive to be required through the next few days during the storm."

Signs were also set up alongside the road, warning drivers not to pull over to play in the snow.

The City of Flagstaff Public Works Department is working 24 hours a day to clear the roads. They have 20 snowplows in charge of clearing 700 miles of city streets.

"We're looking at about seven to 10 days straight of 12-hour shifts," City of Flagstaff Public Works Street Director Scott Overton said.

Overton oversees the machinery which not only scoops up snow but leaves behind a cinder material used on the roads to make them less slippery.

"We use a locally mined aggregate," Overton said. "It's just an ice cinder product that provides better traction control."

But don't rely on that alone while you're driving in snowy conditions. Overton says the next few days will continue to be a treacherous time for travel.

"Really think about when you're coming up, make sure you plan for extra time. Drive carefully, slow it down and just prepare," he said.

Overton says the snow will still be here next weekend, so he recommends not coming up north for the next few days if you don't have to.