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AUDIO: Final phone conversation released of Valley teacher before she was fatally stabbed

Posted at 10:15 PM, Jan 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-13 23:17:53-05

Newly released audio recordings between a Valley kindergarten teacher and the man who is suspected of stabbing her to death detail their intimate conversations while he was behind bars.

In October, Cathryn Gorospe, 44, was reported missing by her roommate after she didn't return home from bailing her 27-year-old boyfriend, Charlie Malzahn, out of Coconino County Jail.

On Oct. 7, Malzahn is accused of stealing Gorospe's car and then driving to Clifton where he attempted to purchase drugs, investigators said. Malzahn is suspected of then driving to Tucson where he used Gorospe's debit and credit cards at a local mall.

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The following day, Malzahn allegedly assaulted a woman inside her dormitory at Arizona State University. On Oct. 9, Malzahn crashed Goropse's car during an officer-involved car chase. 

Officials say Malzahn helped officials locate Gorospe's body by narrowing down the search area for investigators. Her remains were eventually located on a rural property in Mayer

Malzhan’s sister, Lauren Mossman, says the pair met at a Williams restaurant in July and the two became romantically involved.

Months after Gorospe and Malzahn met in September, Malzahn was arrested after he allegedly stole Mossman’s car. While behind bars, Malzahn often called Gorospe. 

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The couple talked about a range of topics during their many phone conversations, including him asking for money and requesting that she bail him out of jail.

September 9

MALZAHN: Can you come get me? Cathryn, I’m sitting here waiting for you. Will you come get me? I’m going to slick my hair back with some gel; put some deodorant on.

September 12

GOROSPE: We’re going to let people think whatever they want to think. We don’t care if they like you; you’re going to do your best.

MALZAHN: Everybody’s going to like me because when I’m doing my best and I’m sober, everybody loves me.


September 15

GOROSPE: I have $2,000, but I don’t have $20,000 collateral.

MALZAHN: What do you mean?

GOROSPE: My house has no equity in it and my car isn’t worth $20,000.

MALZAHN: $20,000 is the lowest…

GOROSPE: But I don’t think you’re that dangerous. Are you that dangerous?

The final call before Gorospe bailed Malzahn out of jail:

GOROSPE: I’ll see you tomorrow?

MALZAHN: Yes.. At what time, Cathryn? What time are you coming to get me? 

GOROSPE: I’ll be there at 3:30, 4.

MALZAHN: OK. I’ll see you then. I love you, Cathryn.

GOROSPE: I love you too. Sleep well.