Flagstaff police: Body of missing Glendale teacher believed to be found

Body of missing Glendale teacher possibly found
Posted at 6:20 PM, Oct 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-16 09:00:55-04

Flagstaff police say they believe they’ve found the remains of a missing Glendale kindergarten teacher.

Friday evening, Flagstaff police said they discovered the body of an adult woman who is believed to be Cathryn Gorospe. At this time, authorities are not revealing the location of where the person was discovered.

The cause of the woman’s death is unknown at this time and an autopsy is being performed.

Flagstaff police said they’d like to express their condolences to Cathryn's family and thanked the public for their help during the search.

Cathryn disappeared a week ago after she posted bond for her friend 27-year-old Charlie Malzahn

Cathryn's stepmother, Deidre Gorospe, said on Friday that 30 people were searching the Kaibab National Forest for clues. The group broke into separate teams and spent the day combing through different areas of the forest.

Cathryn's roommate reported her missing on Sunday afternoon. 

It's believed Malzahn took Cathryn's car at some point on Friday night and then allegedly attempted to get drugs and a gun from an acquaintance in Clifton on Saturday.

He then went to Tucson where he used Cathryn's debit and credit cards at a local mall. He told police he had permission to use them.

Malzahn is also accused of assaulting a female student at Arizona State University's dormitory, Hassayampa Academic Village, on Sunday night.

According to officials, the physical assault happened in the woman's dorm room. Criminal charges have been filed in connection with that incident.

On Monday, Cathryn's SUV was seen in Phoenix. Malzahn, who was driving the car, was arrested after crashing the SUV following an officer-involved pursuit. 

Police say that he has not been cooperative in their efforts to find Cathryn.