Scottsdale man captures APS worker urinating on his home

Posted at 9:23 PM, Oct 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 07:39:55-04

A Scottsdale man says a utility worker was seen on video surveillance urinating on the outside wall of a customer's home. The homeowner called Scottsdale police and also captured their controversial response on camera. 

APS contract workers were fixing a line between two homes in a Scottsdale neighborhood on Thursday when one of the employees were seen on camera unzipping his pants and peeing on the side of the house — all within view of a public street. 

The homeowner, who requested to be identified only as Ricky, confronted the workers and the interaction was also caught on a video.

"He took a p*** on my house," Ricky said. "I have a camera."  

"Who did?" replied one of the workers.

"He did," said Ricky, pointing at the worker he had seen urinating on camera. 

After that interaction, Ricky said the worker followed him inside his home. 

"He just wants to explain why he did it and I'm like, 'I don't what to hear what you have to say. Just get out of my house,"' said Ricky, talking after the fact. 

Ricky called Scottsdale police. Officers arrived at his house, but Ricky said they didn't want to press charges. 

"I felt like they didn't want to help me," said Ricky, adding that the officers let the workers leave before they had finished getting Ricky's side of the story. 

Again — the interaction between Ricky and one officer is caught on camera. 

"Why do you want to blow this into a big case," said the officer talking to Ricky. "Well, have you ever peed outside?" 

"Not out here, no," replied Ricky.  

"Ever in your life?" asks the officer. 

 "Not out here," said Ricky, gesturing to his house. 

A Scottsdale police spokesperson told ABC15 that the department is looking into the incident. Scottsdale code does say it is illegal to urinate within view of a public street. 

APS offered a statement:

 "APS holds our contractors to the same high standard to which we hold our own employees. We do not tolerate unacceptable behavior of contractors and will address any such behaviors appropriately."

Ricky has a simple request for both APS and Scottsdale Police. 

"I think they should respect my home the way I respect my home," he said.