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Musician speaks out after being arrested onstage at Scottsdale bar

Posted at 9:48 PM, Mar 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-14 01:16:42-04

A musician performing at a Valley bar was arrested late Monday night after a mic drop and some backstage shenanigans, shenanigans he denies being part of. 

Scottsdale police arrested Jonny Craig, lead singer of the band Slaves, at the end of his performance at Pub Rock. 

According to police, Craig was booked on charges of criminal damage and disorderly conduct. 

"I was on stage, so I really have no idea what happened leading up to the moments where the cops come on stage and put handcuffs on me," explains Craig. 

Craig spoke exclusively to ABC15 Tuesday, saying while he was on stage, there was some kind of altercation in the green room, but claims there is no way he or his bandmates could have been part of that since everyone was on performing at the time. 

He then said club management decided to end the performance early, so he decided to do a "mic drop," something he's done before, but it turns out, in this case, the mic broke. 

"Everything was getting so crazy. They didn't know what to do. And then all of a sudden, here this guy comes out and says, 'They're breaking the microphone. They're breaking the mic!'"

Craig says he didn't mean to break it; the mic drop is all part of the act. It's something he's done numerous times before. 

"Sounds cliche to say, but we play rock n roll music."

Since the arrest, video of the incident has gone viral, with fans recording the moments Craig is led into a police squad car and off to jail. 

Craig says it was all one big misunderstanding. 

"We wouldn't just try to break a microphone and then not pay someone," he explains. "That's just disrespectful. That's just now what we're about." 

We reached out to Pub Rock via e-mail and went to the venue in person Tuesday, but no one was available for comment.