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Father of Najib Monsif, missing man with autism, breaks down discussing son's disappearance

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Posted at 9:10 PM, Oct 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-24 01:14:50-04

SCOTTSDALE — The search for 20 year-old Najib “Jubi” Monsif continues, one month after his disappearance.

Jubi's dad, Najib Monsif Sr, says he remembers the day his son vanished like it was yesterday.

Monsif tells ABC15 he was in and out of sleep when he saw his boy walking down the stairs around 2am.

When Monsif woke up later on, Jubi was gone.

"Everyday I go Jubi's room. I kiss his bed. I... kiss his bed. I smell his bed and it's not washed since he left," Monsif said, in tears.

Monsif is left heartbroken, wondering where his son could be.

"Since Najib left, there's nothing beautiful anymore," he added.

Jubi has autism and his dad describes him as having the mental capacity of an 8-year-old.

"Because he has autism, I treat him like a baby. So he's baby for 20 years…" Monsif told ABC15.

Which is why Monsif thinks Jubi didn't leave on his own.

"I'm always thinking about the monster who's holding my son hostage," he added.

Monsif says before his son disappeared, Jubi told his mom and brother they would never see him again.

Monsif also says his son loved gaming and never went anywhere without his phone.

On September 23rd though, the day Jubi disappeared, he left his phone behind.

"From the beginning, it was a really evil operation," said Monsif.

It’s an operation, he believes, stemmed from contact Jubi had with another gamer.

Even though it's been one month since his son vanished, the effort to find him is stronger than ever.

"I put flyers everywhere and I'm not going to stop until I drop dead,” said Monsif.

Now, all he has to hold on to is hope and Jubi's puppy, Buddy.

"I'm taking care a puppy for Jubi's not here, and this is hard," added Jubi’s dad.

"My baby boy, we have no life without you. I hope he'll come back and I'll have him for the rest of my life," Monsif told ABC15 in tears.

Monsif says their next goal is to get Jubi on billboards across the state, in an effort to bring him home.