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Driver rescued from flood water, ticketed in Scottsdale

Posted at 6:00 AM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 19:46:48-04

Cited under Arizona's Stupid Motorist Law and slammed with four tickets, one Valley driver learned a lesson near Miller Road and Thomas Road in Scottsdale Sunday night.

Cooper Moore, 20, said he was close to home and he did not see how deep the water was in the roadway, so he decided to drive through the barricades in place. 

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Moore said he quickly realized that was a mistake when the water reached halfway up his tires. 

"I just thought it was more convenient going through this and I didn't think...I didn't see how powerful the water was at the time," Moore explained. "And when I got to that point where my car is, I tried to go in reverse, but it stalled and my engine just shut off and I needed to get rescued."

Moore said he escaped out the window and sat on his car while he waited for help to arrive. 

He said they walked him to safety but then handed him four tickets. 

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Moore said while he understands what he did was wrong, he thinks rescue crews were a little harsh with him.

"I think they gave me a little too many consequences for that," Moore said. "And they said that I brought a lot of people out there and it was a Sunday night and I understand that I may have ruined some people's nights, but it's just a small mistake."

Under Arizona's Stupid Motorist Law, a driver can be forced to reimburse rescue crews for their efforts to get a person to safety if they ignored barricades. It is a law that is on the books but is rarely enforced.