Cutting edge inventor brings business to Valley

Posted at 11:52 AM, Dec 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-04 13:52:47-05

A cutting edge inventor is expanding his business to Scottsdale.

CEO and Chief Inventor Jamie Siminoff invented the video doorbell, called the "Ring" in his garage.

The idea came to him when he was trying to invent the next big thing but continued to get distracted by his doorbell.

“It was the product that was built to be a solution, but I think that's what makes sense," said Siminoff. "I think the best product is something that really solves a problem."

His idea landed him on the hit ABC show "Shark Tank." At the time, his invention was called Doorbot.

Siminoff didn’t get the money he was hoping for, but he did get a ton of exposure that helped him reinvent the product.

"If it wasn't for Shark Tank, we wouldn't be here today," said Siminoff"We would be out of business because Shark Tank gave us this injection of new customers and cash.”

The company is now expanding from Santa Monica, Calif. to Scottsdale to open a call center.

Siminoff said the Phoenix area has become a major attraction for technology companies.

"Phoenix has become almost like the backyard of Silicone Valley," said Siminoff.

"My broker drove me around… and he named every sort of top company from Silicon Valley and from the tech world,” said Siminoff.

Siminoff also says Phoenix has a large trained workforce to choose from.

"In Phoenix there's a lower cost of living," said Siminoff. "I think that's attracting these companies that can get these happy, good, smart, people for a lot of these jobs that in Silicon Valley or in L.A. don't work."

Siminoff says the "Ring" is now being used to help stop crime. The device lets users answer their front doors, from wherever they are, all from their smartphones.

Siminoff says the "Ring" is the first surveillance system of its kind because it is pre-crime, rather than a traditional surveillance system that captures footage as a crime is being committed. 

The "Ring" allows the user to have a conversation with the individual at the front door and if there's an issue, the user can call police immediately.