Scottsdale school moving forward despite outrage

Posted at 6:47 PM, Feb 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-08 22:44:44-05

It’s created a storm of controversy in one upscale Scottsdale neighborhood and neighbors say their safety concerns aren’t being heard.

"I do feel like that BASIS is steam rolling this,” said Charles "Chip" Beck who is worried about safety in the area.

Beck lives near 128th Street and Shea Boulevard, which is where a new BASIS school is slated to be built.

Beck worries about a lack of sidewalks, narrow streets and traffic congestion. He says it doesn’t appear to be enough to stop the Basis school from pressing on.

"I'm reminded of the old phrase, 'if you want to make an omelet you got a break a few eggs.' And they want to jam the school in an unsafe site, unfortunately in this case some of those broken eggs might be fifth or sixth graders,” said Beck.

The BASIS plan did not get the green light from the Scottsdale Development Review Board (DBR). Last week, members raised concerns primarily over safety.

"BASIS decided to go to the DRB, just simply because they wanted to be good neighbors and wanted to hear from the design review board,” said Attorney Jordan Rose, representing BASIS schools.

Rose says BASIS’ cooperation with the DBR was a courtesy to residents.

State law allows charter schools to build where they want, as long as the land is zoned properly.

BASIS says they are working very closely to address resident concerns over safety. They plan to enter into a development agreement with the City of Scottsdale to put their commitment in writing.

The City Council will hear the issue on February 23.