ADOT injects foam into soil to lift pavement

Posted at 6:23 AM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 09:23:31-04

The Arizona Department of Transportation is using a high-tech approach to lifting a depressed section of freeway in the Scottsdale area.

Workers are injecting foam in soil under the Loop 101 freeway. The foam then expands and hardens, lifting the pavement.

That makes it possible to eliminate the dip in northbound lanes near McDonald Drive without digging up the pavement and replacing it.

The work is being done as part of a project to widen and improve the Loop 101 between Shea Boulevard and the Loop 202 freeway.

The department says using expensive foam isn't the answer in all cases but it works well in offsetting the effects of ground settlement.

ADOT has previously used form for similar purposes at locations such as at the ends of freeway bridges.