Rock hurling teen tries to keep fingerprints off evidence

Posted at 7:41 PM, Sep 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-23 09:35:39-04

“When we moved into the house my husband wanted to get cameras and I was thinking, 'Oh that’s another added expense, let's spend the money on something else like shutters,'” said Barbara Chacon. 

But Chacon says the decision to mount the cameras was a good one, after what happened this week at their home near 32nd Street and Union Hills Drive. 

“You can see where it hit right here on the window and glass went everywhere,” said Chacon. 

Surveillance camera footage seemed to capture what happened. In it, a silver Ford truck pulls up in front of the home. Seconds later, a young man appears to hurl a large rock straight at the house, shattering an upstairs window.  

Chacon says she has no idea who the young man is or why he targeted her home. Weirdly enough, the vandal actually brought the rock he used with him to the scene of the crime. 

“I’m pretty scared, this is really upsetting,” said Chacon. 

She says it’s unsettling too because Chacon says the truck came back later that night to take another toss at the house. 

A closer look at the surveillance footage reveals something even odder. 

“He actually had wrapped paper towel around the rock,” said Chacon. “I’m thinking he’d been busted before, his prints are on file, and he didn’t want to have his prints found."

Little did he know not only was his face seen, but part of his license plate as well. Chacon hopes someone can help identify the person before he strikes again. 

“It was purely hatefulness, and meant to do damage and the mere fact that they came again, it's like, 'What's your real intent here?'” said Chacon.