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UArizona film students poised to premiere films amid pandemic

UArizona film students to premiere films amid pandemic
Posted at 1:43 PM, Jan 17, 2021

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — A new semester at the University of Arizona means new challenges for film and television students.

The pandemic has taken many things from the University of Arizona film students, but one student says it isn’t going to take away her shot at making her dream come true.

Zoe Lambert is a junior BFA TV & Film student.

She says, when the pandemic hit, restrictions were immediately put in place for shoots.

So students, like Lambert, had to limit interactions, wear masks, and improvise to get their films done.

“We’ve kind of been, almost a year now, in lockdown,” Lambert told KGUN9.

Jacob Bricca is an Associate Professor for the Film and Television program at UArizona. While he says it’s been a hard year, he assures his students were ready for what was ahead.

“A big part of film-making is problem-solving. You can pretty much count on things going wrong. This was pretty much that, you know, on steroids,” he added.

So, Lambert, like all of her classmates, stepped up and got to work.

“My documentary was about Adia Barnes, the Head Coach of the U of A Women’s Basketball Program. I’ve been wanting to do a piece about the U of A Women’s basketball team for a long time. So to be able to accomplish such a big goal like that, and have it turn out the way it did, was a dream come true for me,” she said.

“And her film, she did entirely without seeing anyone physically in person at all,” Bricca added.

It is a dream she worked hundreds of hours to achieve.

Next up, the virtual premiere of students’ films at The Loft on February 4.

“You can go to The Loft website for, two weeks, at least two starting February 4th, and just like all the other films that you pay can pay to see a ticket can click and watch, except for this one is free,” said Bricca.

He says all of the films hit close to home.

“You know pet shelters, a refuge servicing center, the loft center itself. You can see pandemic stories about what’s happening in your backyard.,” he added.

“Now it’s like finally coming out and I’m just so excited,” Lambert told KGUN9.

Looking toward the future, here’s their message to students in film:

“We just have to be really adaptable and the field of media is always changing and the more that us, as students, can tap into what's happening in the world, the more success and the more chances we’re going to have,” said Lambert.

“They just need to sort of take the long view and say this is going to happen. You have the talent. You have the skills. You have some of the connections you need to start making relationships. Take what you’ve learned and the things that are important to you and...and...and go forth,” Bricca told KGUN9.

For more information on their premiere events, click here.