Family of four rescued after vehicle was swept downstream in Tucson

Posted at 5:33 AM, Jun 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-27 12:33:43-04

The Tucson Fire Department rescued a family of four from their SUV after it was swept downstream near Stone Avenue and Drachman Street late Sunday night.

Crews were actually on the way to another scene when they spotted the headlights of the stranded vehicle with water up to the windshield. 

TFD quickly got a ladder to the family, and crews pulled them from the door and got them onto the roof of the SUV. Then, they were helped into the bucket of the ladder and moved to safety.

In total, an adult male and female were in the vehicle, along with their teenage son. A mother of one of those adults, a woman in her 80s, was also rescued. 

The family did not have any injuries. 

This was the 9th water-related incident TFD crews were called to Sunday night, but the department said this incident was the most severe.