Casa Grande father builds pirate ship treehouse in his backyard

Posted at 10:53 PM, May 15, 2017

You don't have to leave the state to sail the seven seas like a pirate!

One Casa Grande man has become the most popular man in his neighborhood after spending a year constructing a pirate ship treehouse.

"I love it!" exclaimed 9-year-old Logan about his neighbor's new digs.

What's not to love about a pirate ship?! It took Steven Hill one year of hard labor, loads of donated lumber from Home Depot and plenty of trips to Goodwill to build the entire thing by hand -- all by himself.

"To experience it every day is kind of neat because it takes you to another world. It's great for the neighborhood children to step away from life in the desert for a little bit," Hill said.

He thought of every last detail - a steering wheel, an octopus, and even the living quarters!

And ahoy, mateys! No plank here - but if you keep your eyes on the sky, you're in for a treat.

"That crow's nest is the tallest structure in all of Casa Grande," explained Hill. At three and a half stories high, it beats Casa Grande City Hall by half a story.

And don't forget the treasures! Loads of gems, gold trinkets, even some swords.

"I was in shock," says Lisa, Hill's wife. "I thought he was a little crazy!"

But the only thing he's crazy about -- is pirates! He's been a huge fan of the movie series and building elaborate creations is in his blood. Both his dad and grandfather were Hollywood set designers.

"If we can get the word out about how much people love pirates, maybe we can keep it going."

And the Hills are inviting you and your family to check it out for yourself. Call 602.317.2566 for more information.