Valley company offering paid training to new senior caregivers

Posted at 2:11 PM, Jul 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-29 19:59:33-04

If you are looking for more than just a job, one Valley company is hiring people to be a lifeline to seniors in our state.

No prior experience is necessary, paid training is a part of the hiring process, and flexible hours are available.

"Caregiving can come in a lot of different forms," said Senior Helpers Scottsdale Vice President of Operations Tiffany Phelan.

The company is looking to hire jobseekers who want to help people live their best life in their own home, or wherever the senior wants to be.

"It can be something as simple as going grocery shopping for somebody and helping them do their laundry," Phelan explained. "It might be working with someone with even mild dementia and just playing some board games and doing some interactive things with them. And, then we have, of course, people who have a little bit more need and they need help with things like bathing and dressing."

Phelan said the push to get new caregivers to work has climbed with the rise of coronavirus numbers in Arizona.

"Seeing what's been going on with the pandemic and how much more need there is, we put together a three-part training program," Phelan said.

The paid training program starts with interactive online work to go over things like how to care for someone who struggles with memory loss.

"The second piece is a hands-on training," Phelan said. "So, we do have training rooms in our offices... we're doing a lot of social distanced/masked-wearing kind of hands-on training where people learn to use all of the equipment that they might see in a senior’s home. They learn how to help them walk safely with assistance... how to help them bathe safely with assistance."

The third piece of the training includes a mentor, who is a caregiver who has been working in the field for years. A new hire will get to work with them and see how things are done.

"It's a great opportunity for people who haven't done it before to not just be thrown in," Phelan said. "They're going to be 'baby-stepped' into feeling really confident with what they're doing."

Phelan also stresses that all personality types are wanted and needed for all the different clients they help.

"Are you out-going or quiet or more of a leader or not so much," Phelan said. "It doesn't matter because no matter what your personality is, there is a match out there for you of somebody and so that's what our job is to make sure that matches really, really good."

Pay starts around $13 - $14 an hour and those hours are flexible.

"We are constantly, constantly adding shifts," Phelan said. "We, right now, bring on about three to five people a week, just in our one office! So, across the whole family, we're probably bringing on over 10 new roles a week."

To apply for a position, you can click here or you can call their office at 480-631-6672.