Free resources for parents and families

The Rebound
Posted at 12:02 PM, May 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-07 22:33:44-04

How do I take care of myself, while also taking care of my entire family?

Has that question come into your mind, especially during quarantine?

Being a mother or father, being a school teacher and being an employee all at once can take a toll on your family and your ability to parent properly.

"I love the expression, 'kids don't come with an instruction manual!' Right? They don't," said Tempe Human Services Manager Marie Raymond.

Raymond is apart of the Triple P with the city.

"Triple P stands for Positive Parenting Program," she explained.

The free program includes discussion groups, seminars, even individual sessions for specific issues that come up in your home.

The topics range from bedtimes routines, avoiding public meltdowns, learning how to cope with a teenager's evolving emotions, and many more.

"The goal is to give parents the skills... to raise confident, healthy children of all ages and to also strengthen family relationships."

Those meetings all used to take place in person, but now things have obviously changed.

"We knew right off the bat, we needed to do something differently," Raymond said about them now offering these free resources online.

They wanted families to still have a place to turn to get help from those experts to navigate this new normal.

"What we're hearing is some children are regressing in behaviors," Raymond explained. "So maybe if a child was potty trained, maybe they're going backwards a little bit or some behaviors that are new that haven't been exhibiting before are starting to surface or old ones that had gone away are coming back."

Raymond wants parents to know there is support for them.

"You get on those mommy blogs or read things and it sounds like everybody are the perfect parents out there," Raymond said. "But... we all have our challenges and our struggles and it's so nice to know that there is just support out there for you that you can access."

To learn more about upcoming sessions, click here.