Companies looking to hire veterans in upcoming Phoenix virtual job fair

MilitaryX USA Veteran
Posted at 3:58 PM, Mar 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 01:19:45-04

Before the pandemic hit, our nation's heroes were celebrating an unemployment rate at a record low.

Of course, the virus revamped that rate above 10% during the height of coronavirus cases.

But there are events happening right here in the Valley that are looking to get that number back down again and get veterans back to work.

On Monday, MilitaryX is hosting the Phoenix Veterans Virtual Job Fair from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

"The companies that are hiring, and I work with over 10,000, they all want to hire veterans," said HireX's Scott Lobenberg. "The corporate workplace... or just the workplace in general is looking for veterans because they're well-trained and extremely reliable."

Lobenberg has worked with HireX for about two decades and has been hosting veteran-focused hiring events with MilitaryX since 2007.

"I think it's rewarding," Lobenberg said. "And especially when someone gets the job and then you receive that email, so it's a rewarding career to be in."

Lobenberg said Monday's online hiring event will feel as if participants are walking into a true in-person job fair by starting in a virtual lobby.

"You'll see all the companies and from there you can express interest, you can request interviews," Lobenberg explained. "Each company will create a set of screening questions. If you pass those screening questions, you are then queued into their interview line. If you do not pass those interview questions, we'll recommend a different company that we think you'd pass the questions."

At their events around the country, on average, more than 50 job offers are handed out that day.

"I think with them being such a desired candidate... it looks good, as long as they get themselves out there, update their resume, and actively market themselves that they'll be the first ones to get hired," Lobenberg said.

More than two dozen companies will be online, including Honeywell, Merck, Best Buy, and more.

"A lot of people have lost their jobs or have been furloughed and we have talented veterans around the country, so this is a great resource for them to connect with employers on a local level and have some hope that they can have a conversation and eventually and hopefully get hired," Lobenberg said.

The most recent veteran unemployment rate is just over 5% in the United States. The hope is that opening the hiring into a virtual platform will help make a career more accessible to any veteran who wants it.

To register for Monday's Veteran Virtual Job Fair, click here.