Pinal County sending out supplemental ballots after human errors

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 22:03:06-04

PINAL COUNTY, AZ — Some mail-in voters in Pinal County should soon receive a new supplemental ballot.

This was County officials' solution to correct a human error, impacting seven cities and tens of thousands of voters.

At the special County Board of Supervisors meeting last week, only ABC15 was there as the Pinal County Director of Elections took responsibility for the human errors.

Those errors caused municipal contests to be left off many ballots. Others, not eligible to vote in those races, did have them on their ballot.

The supplemental ballot is clearly marked with an orange stripe and just has city contests listed on it.

County officials said they were sent Saturday to mail-in voters. If voters went in and cast their ballot early, they are urged to contact the County to get a supplemental ballot.

County Attorney Kent Volkmer said they are legally not allowed to send ballots to people, unless they requested them.

On Primary Election Day, Aug. 2, people in the impacted cities will also get two ballots.

Volker said they are working to make sure they have poll workers and security measures in place.

"It went as well as we could hope for," said Volkmer. "We are working on having county employees fill in some of those spots that are required."

He said they are still getting questions daily, and there was a lawsuit filed by a candidate challenging their solution. Ultimately, the candidate withdrew the suit, and it was dismissed.

"We have mechanisms in place to make sure there’s no double voting," said Volkmer. "We have mechanisms in place for those that erroneously cast a municipal ballot."

Volkmer said the County welcomes any oversight needed.