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Kari Lake looks ahead to Arizona general election in November

Posted at 6:45 PM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 21:45:29-04

PHOENIX — “We are so proud. So proud of the victory we have,” said Kari Lake, Republican candidate for Arizona Governor. “We are going to lead this state to its brightest days ahead.”

While Lake is celebrating and votes are still being counted, the Associated Press has not yet projected a winner.

“We’ve talked to our team and we’re seeing that the votes that haven’t been counted are moving in my direction two to one,” Lake said. “They assure me that our lead is only going to grow and grow.”

Lake says her lawyers and team are constantly looking at the primary election numbers and results which led her to Wednesday’s announcement.

“We know what the outcome of this is,” Lake affirmed. “We The People won. We won. And frankly, I’m going to be having dinner with my husband tonight and I don’t anyone to call me and ask me for a comment. So, we’re doing this a little bit early because I actually want to take one night off. I haven’t had a night off for a long time.”

Tim La Sota, lawyer for Lake said, “Bottom line is, she’s won the election. The numbers are going to continue to go in her way. Her leads going to grow and it’s over.”

Lake is in the lead as the vote count continues, getting a big boost by day-of votes but official results are weeks away.

One of Lake’s campaign issues: Election Integrity. Lake was asked how she would work to maintain a fair election.

“I intend to work with our lawmakers, the legislature. They’re the ones who write the laws for elections and we’re going to shore up our election laws so that every Arizonan knows that every legal vote counts and we’re going to make it easy to vote and impossible to cheat,” Lake stated.

Lake now working to unify the Republican party, suggesting she will reach out to her opponents.

“I’m hoping that Karrin Taylor Robson, who put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this battle will come in and work with us as well,” Lake said.

ABC15 has been in contact with Karrin Taylor Robson’s team all day Wednesday. At this point, they are not commenting on any outcome of the GOP gubernatorial primary, but they also are not conceding.