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How much Arizona's top gubernatorial candidates are spending on their races

Posted at 9:20 AM, Jul 20, 2022

PHOENIX — Much like the Olympics, every two years elections sneak up on us; inundating our televisions with ads, populating street corners with competing signs, and celebrating America's unique political process through raucous debates and impassioned pleas for our votes.

All of that requires money, and money comes from donations from individuals and political action committees.

How much has each candidate received, how much have they spent, and what about independent expenditures (money advocating for or against a candidate but not made in conjunction with that candidate or those associated with the candidate)?

Here's a breakdown of the top Republican candidates for governor.

This data was obtained on 7/19/2022 from See The Money, a government website run by the Arizona Secretary of State's Office.

CandidateIncomeExpensesIndependent Expenditures ForIndependent Expenditures Against
Kari Lake$3,556,705$3,147,960$1,000,000$377,885
Karrin Taylor Robson$16,546,702$16,447,082$1,267,427$1,398,900

Let's now take a look at the top Democratic candidates for governor.

CandidateIncomeExpensesIndependent Expenditures ForIndependent Expenditures Against
Katie Hobbs$4,227,173$3,122,369$62,864$187,368
Aaron Lieberman$1,436,898$659,030$0.00$0.00
Marco Lopez$1,757,590$1,490,630$26,000$0.00