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Operation Safe Roads: City installs 'Wrong Way' signs in Phoenix neighborhood

Posted at 7:07 PM, Sep 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-16 22:07:11-04

PHOENIX — In cell phone video sent to ABC15 from Phoenix resident Michael Marcinkwicz, you can hear horns honking desperately.

Then, you can hear Marcinkwicz's voice behind the camera saying, "Oh God. He's going the wrong-way."

The video was taken just outside Marcinkwicz front door near 7th Avenue and McDowell. His neighborhood is on a one-way street and he contacted Operation Safe Roads because he said, he witnesses drivers going the wrong-way nearly 10 times a week.

He said, he reached out to the city of Phoenix and asked for more one-way and wrong-way signs to be installed.

But, he told Operation Safe Roads that he was getting no where from officials - even though wrong-way driving is a huge concern in our state.

"That's when it sparks me - when I see one on the news... on the freeway and then I see it happen here," Marcinkwicz described. "It's like, I've got to stop this."

After hearing Marcinkwicz's concerns, Operation Safe Roads contacted the city of Phoenix Street Transportation Department on this behalf.

"Immediately! Called and came out the same day," Marcinkwicz exclaimed.

Within a few hours, Phoenix officials came and met with Marcinkwicz. They even witnessed a wrong-way happen right in front of them.

"So, this specific location, we found it did meet the national standards, other than one sign that had been knocked down," said city traffic engineer Carl Langford. "But, we did say it's enough of an issue... is there some additional signage that we might be able to do?"

The city showed up in full force for Marcinkwicz after that, and ABC15 was there the day his new signs got installed.

"It's like Christmas," Marcinkwicz said. "It's wonderful to see! I mean, these signs are so much better and it's going to help."

They added multiple wrong-way and one-way signs, and even re-striped speed bumps.

"I don't know how much longer it would have taken, but since you got on and you do Safe Roads.... So, you're the one," Macinkwicz said.

Do you have a neighborhood road issue you would like Operation Safe Roads to look into? You can call our hotline at 833-AZROADS or email