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More protected bike lanes coming to downtown Phoenix

Posted at 10:33 PM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-09 00:33:07-05

PHOENIX — It's a push to make streets safer for bicyclists. The City of Phoenix is moving forward with plans to put in more protected bike lanes after the death of a downtown ambassador.

The change will be to a portion of Downtown Phoenix streets and has the potential to save lives. It's dedicated to downtown Phoenix ambassador Hans Hughes, who was hit and killed in the area while riding his bike.

"We mobilized and said, 'Hey, this is a bicycle boulevard. Let's put in protection where we know people have been hit and now killed,'" says Ryan Boyd, president of Urban Phoenix Project.

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department presented design options to the community last year. Now, they're moving forward by adding protected bike lanes to Fillmore Street, from Central Avenue to 7th Street.

"We're going to see the kind of standard flex pile-ons. They go up and they're great because they're nice and they're bright. They can see them and it's really obvious that you should not be driving in that particular area," says Boyd.

Parking from Central to 1st Street will also be removed.

Hans' sister tells us she is grateful that good has come from the tragedy of her brother's death.

"We are actively witnessing the ripple effect of Hans' kindness and his passion with helping and improving the Phoenix community. I can only hope more good will come," says Hana Kuykendall, Hans' sister.

Those living and riding downtown agree.

"If they make it so the bike lanes are visible and kind of sectioned off, it will feel safer for all of us," says downtown bicyclist.

We're told the protected bike lanes will be put into place in about six months. The city says it will also consider additional safety changes in this area as time goes on.