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Woman rescues dog from giant sea foam wall on beach

Posted at 10:03 AM, Dec 15, 2020

Queensland, Australia is experiencing wild summer weather right now, which created a giant sea foam wall on the country’s east coast. The foam was so large, a dog became lost in it and several people had to jump in to find the animal.

A weatherman for 7News in Australia was on the beach ready to do a live report on the wild weather, when a woman is seen on camera jumping into the foam shouting “Hazel!”

Weatherman Paul Burt dropped his microphone and is seen walking over to the woman and joining the search for her pet, Hazel.

The search was successful and Hazel wassoon back in the arms of her owner.

The eastern coast of Australia is being battered right now as a powerful storm moves through the area. Some areas of Queensland saw about 7 inches of rain on Sunday, and wind gusts around 60 mph.