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VIDEO: School district under fire after football player is attacked during game

Posted at 12:01 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-12 19:29:34-04

A viral video of a high school football player being attacked after the whistle has social media outraged with the Waco Interscholastic League in Texas.

During a freshman football game several weeks ago a University High School player can be seen after a play choking and slamming a Burleson High School player’s head into the turf several times.

The victim’s mother caught the incident on tape and the video went viral as seen on Fox4 in Dallas:


According to KXXV news, the player was ejected from the game and had to sit out the first half of the team’s next game.

Many parents, including the mother of the targeted player, say the punishment was not nearly enough.

"[My son] looked at me and said man, I am going to miss this week's game, I missed last weeks game and I will probably miss next weeks game and he said 'it's not fair that this kid is out there playing and I can't play...,'" Jennifer Gower told KXXV. "I wanted to give the school an opportunity to handle everything... but after a week from the time it happened he was back on the field... and it's not acceptable."

The Waco ISD Athletic Director and the University Interscholastic League both looked into the incident but now say there won’t be any further discipline on the player.

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